Homeopathy and Paganism work off similar principles

As part of my naturopathic degree I’m studying homeopathy and it strikes me that the theory and philosophy of that therapy is sympathetic with a Pagan spirituality (and indeed other spiritual teachings). Homeopathy says in part that the serial dilution of medicine to the degree where no original material is present any more (and of course succussion in between each dilution) transfers the spiritual and energetic value of the medicine into the dilution and that the more diluted it is, the more potent it becomes. In other words, the more spirit and energy it receives from each dilution, the more powerful it becomes as a therapy or remedy. Now this of course flies in the face of orthodox science (except quantum mechanics) which dictates that if there’s no substance left, then it can’t biochemically work. What science fails to understand is that homeopathy isn’t about chemical reactions; it’s about spiritual, energetic reactions of the human body’s own vital force. Like Pagan and other personal spiritualities that recognise a force greater than ourselves, homeopathy understands that healing can take place energetically which then influences the body physically to promote better health. So homeopathic principle works in sympathy and in empathy with the natural forces of the body and with Pagan philosophy of the power of nature. The more I go through this degree, the more I realise how much naturopathy is relevant to Paganism. Fascinating stuff!

Smiles and blessings, Amethyst

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